Thermal Conductivity test apparatus

Thermal Conductivity test apparatus

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Salient Features:

  • EIE - thermal conductivity test apparatus by guarded hot plate method is based on the steady-state method and is able to measure 30 cm x 30 cm test samples having thickness ranging from a few millimeters to 10 cm.

  • Design concept of apparatus according to Indian Standard (IS : 3346-1966) and applicable ASTM Standard ASTM C177

  • External body is manufactured from Mild steel material, which is powder coated in attractive shades

  • Specimen to be tested is placed in chamber such that it gets sandwiched between two heat flux sensors as per ASTM C177 guidelines.

  • Unit is equipped with 5 Different Thermocouples for temperature measurement on either side of test specimen and guard Heaters (In total 10 Thermocouples).

  • Cooling is obtained by in-built mini-chiller system, which provides efficient cooling temperature as per test requirement.

  • Chiller system composed of condenser, compressor and cooling coil with CFC free refrigerant.

  • Complete panel mounted electrical controls and measurement. All control accessories are within reach.

  • Equipped with Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Controller to precisely measure and indicate the temperature values

  • Instrument will also be fitted with Thermal Printer to print the test results instantly on site.

  • System will also be supplied with 16 channel data logger to log the temperature data of all 10 thermocouples

  • Instrument is also supplied with Dedicated Jockey, which facilitates an operator to manually move top plate upward or downward with operation ease

  • The complete instruments can also be supplied with dedicated PC Software for to log, modify and analyze the measurement results (Optional – see optional accessories)

  • Suitable for industrial applications such as Thermal conductivity measurement of AAC Blocks, Concrete slabs, Dimensional stones, marbles etc.

  • Worker Plate : 51 x 1/4 inch holes (Optional Churn Plate 270 x 1/16 inch holes)

  • Grease Pot : 1 x Brass (Optional Stainless Steel)

  • Voltage : 220/240V, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply

  • Power : 450 Watt