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Soil Testing Equipments

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  1. Compact Cbr Load Frame Three Speed E.O.

    Single speed of 1.25/min. Working on 230 Volts AC single Phase
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  2. Unconfined Compression Tester-Digital

    Complete with 3 speed Digital Load Frame, Built in Digital Load and displacement Indicator. Other details as per the following page.
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  3. Constant Pressure System (Oil Water) - For Triaxial Test Apparatus

    Range 0-20 bar (20 kg/Cm²), steps of pressure 0.5 bar (0.5 Kg/Cm²), Accuracy + 0.5%, Electric Supply 230 Volt, Single phase, 50 Hz, A.C Supply. Supplied complete with pressure gauge, flow valves and connecting pressure hose. The unit provides continuous variable pressure up to 0-20 kg/Cm². Pressure is increased or decreased simply by turning a control knob.
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  4. Lateral Pressure Assembly

    The apparatus consists of a pressure chamber which has a flanged top cap fitted with a 10Kg/Cm2. Pressure gauge and a valve for pumping in air. Water inlet and drain cock are fitted to the chamber. The foot pump supplied easily develops a pressure of 10Kg./Cm2 Complete with connecting pressure hose.
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  5. Laboratory Cbr Apparatus - Electric Operated With 10 kn Proving Ring

    The machine feature a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can be adjusted in height and locked in position with locknuts. The drive force is provided by a mechanical jack housed in the base cabinet which also accommodates the motor and the electric panel. Complete with standard accessories as mentioned below. As per IS:2720 (Part XVI)
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  6. Laboratory Cbr Apparatus - Digital

    Complete with Digital Display Load frame, CBR Mould made of Mild steel, Slotted and annular weight of 2.5 kg, brass perforated plate, Spacer disc, compaction hammer 2.6 kg and 4.89 kg, metal tripod stand for holding dial gauge. = 1 No. each. As per IS:2720
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  7. Relative Density Apparatus

    The equipment comprises a motorized vibratory table of size 75 mm x 75 mm, which operates on 230 Volts, single phase, A.C. Supply. Also, consists of a cylindrical mould 3000 cm3 and 15000 cm3, guide sleeve with clamp for moulds, surcharge base plate, surcharge weight for 3000 and 15000 cm3, handle for base plate, dial gauge holder, dial gauge 0.01 mm x 50 mm travel with extension piece calibration bar 75 x 300 x 3 mm
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  8. Shrinkage Limit Set With Mercury

    As per IS:2720(Part VI) and IS:10077. Complete in wooden case. with 750 gm Mercury.
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  9. Permeability Apparatus For Constant And Variable Head Test

    The apparatus shall be confirming to IS: 2720 (Part-XVII), IS 9198 & IS: 11209 latest edition and shall consists of following
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  10. Plate Bearing Test Apparatus

    As per IS:1888, ASTM D1194, D1195. The plate-bearing test gives the load deformation characteristics of soil strata for determining the bearing capacity of foundations. The set up shall comply to carry out test as per IS: 1888 which is a standard technique for determining bearing capacity of soil. In the test, a steel plate is subjected to a gradual increment of load and corresponding settlement is noted. The plate bearing test assembly shall consist of following components and requirements as mentioned in the detailed description. Without Load Truss.
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  11. Rotap Sieve Shaker- With Digital Timer

    Sieve Shaker Carries upto 7 sieves of 200mm diameter. Supplied without sieves or Lid Pan.
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  12. Universal Triaxial Cell

    For testing of cylindrical specimens of 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm diameter with corresponding length to diameter ratio 1:2 as per IS:2720 part XII.
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  13. Unconfined Compression Tester-Motorised

    IS : 2720 (PARTX), IS : 4332 (PARTV). Supplied complete with 3 speed Load Frame, 2.5 KN or 2 KN Proving ring fitted with dial gauge with Calibration certificate, Dial Gauge of 0.01 X 25 mm travel, Coning tools for 38 mm dia specimen and one split mould for 38 mm dia specimen. Coning tools and split mould for 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm dia available at extra cost. NABL Calibration of Proving ring and dial gauge at extra cost.
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  14. Direct Shear Apparatus-Motorised - Single Speed - Electronic Digital

    Electronic Direct Shear Testing Machine As per IS : 2720 (PART 13) 1986 / IS : 11229 - 1985.
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  15. Consolidation Apparatus-Single Gang - With Dial Gauge

    Compliance Standards - IS : 2720 (PART-XV) .Consists of : Loading Unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm2 consisting of a loading yoke connected to a lever arm with a counter balancing adjustment and having a lever ratio of 1:10, the whole assembly being mounted on a steel frame stand. Detailed specification as follows:
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  16. Direct Shear Apparatus

    As per IS:2720 (Part XXXIX)/ IS 11539.
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  17. Sand Pouring Cylinder

    Compliance Standards BS : 1377, BS : 1924:2
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  18. CBR Testing Machine

    Complies with following testing standards IS: 2720 (Part XVI), IS: 9669
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  19. Triaxial Cell

    As per IS:2720 (Part-XII).
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