Automatic Compactor for Marshal Test - 4" Dia Specimen

Automatic Compactor for Marshal Test - 4
Automatic Compactor for Marshal Test - 4" Dia Specimen
Product Description

Construction Details :

  • It is a motor driven mechanical compactor useful for  compaction in to  4" dia Marshal moulds.
  • It is fitted with compaction rammer weighing 4.54 kg having 50.8 mm diameter face 
  • It is raised to a height of (457.2± 1.5) mm (18") and allowed to have free fall (drop) on test specimen.
  • Tubular steel frame housing the driving mechanism of the compaction rammer.
  • The rammer assembly is provided with a ratchet and  pawl arrangement to lift it from the top of the test sample.
  • When the rammer reaches the required height, the pawl  releases the rammer, which falls freely on test specimen.
  • The release mechanism is connected by an arm moving up and down - which is connected to a reduction gear coupled to the motor through another arm.
  • An automatic Digital blow counter fitted to the compactor is  used to set the number of blows.
  • Weight : 190 Kg. Approx. 


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